What is Machine Learning

Self-learning algorithms and models

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is usually referred to as Artificial Intelligence. We believe that while this sounds a lot better, it is not entirely accurate. Machine learning is part of the field. True Artificial Intelligence (or true AI) means that a machine is at least as intelligent and flexible as a human. We are not there yet.

That does not mean that you can do amazing things with Machine Learning. It is definitely a big step forward from just programming. Machine learning makes it possible for software to discover connections in supplied data. This can be text or databases, but also images and video material.

Watch the video to learn the difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep learning.

What is Machine Learning

There are a lot of interesting projects with machine learning. For example, organizations are increasingly collecting data about their products, customers and markets. If you are considering a project with machine learning, it is important to consider which problem you want to solve. What data is available for this and what is the quality of that data.

A big difference with business intelligence is that you can make predictions with machine learning. Where business intelligence mainly looks back in time. Making predictions possible is thus a crucial element in machine learning.

Machine Learning has a number of existence forms:

  • Supervised Learning where the models are helped by people. For example, by marking images with things to see on them, new images can be compared to them
    Unsupervised learning. The computer itself searches for connections in data. This way, data that has many similarities can be recognized. Clusters of data can also be recognized.
  • Deep learning The most characteristic of deep learning is that the models are much more complex, so-called artificial neural networks. These are inspired by the human brain and can also process much larger data sets.
  • Reinforcement Learning An implementation of machine learning in which the neural network is improved by rewarding success and punishing failure.

History of Machine Learning

There is a long history behind the concept of machine learning. The first steps were taken in the 1950s. The foundation was laid by recognizing patterns in data using statistics. It took a long time to become really usable. On the one hand due to a lack of computer power, but also because methods, algorithms and neural networks had to be developed.

Artificial Intelligence, a look into the future

Many movies have been made with artificial intelligence and most of them threaten humankind and the world. Although this is quite possible if we are not careful when building a True AI, there are also positive scenarios. The biggest problems that humans grapple with such as health, happiness, knowledge and peace could be solved with the help of AI. From nanorobots controlled by a central brain to finding drugs against cancer, to advisers to the government to prevent crises or devise solutions that benefit batlling countries.

But machine learning can already be used to make wonderful applications today. By having computers use their diligence to find connections that humans never thought of. This can help analyze problems, predict financial results, and identify opportunities and threats. Read more

What is Machine Learning

Our experience

Centillien started developing applications based on machine learning in 2016. First by building a chatbot that could recognize emotion for an energy company. Then an application that could recognize animals for a university. Recently we have made software that can recognize behavior from videos. Here we also use another technology called computer vision. This allows you to show a computer what a person sees.

But we have also worked more from the hard side of machine learning. Digging through large amounts of data and using machine learning to discover interesting connections. This can sometimes lead to very creative applications.

We believe that we can create great applications for many companies and organizations for their specific industry. In order to solve the challenges they encounter in their daily work. Computers may not be as creative as humans. But they more than make up for that by being able to root through massive amounts of data stiffly and quickly. In this way very surprising things are recognized and connections are found that a human being probably never found.

Want to win with Machine learning?

Machine learning can be a real game changer for many organizations. A smart way to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. There is only one way to find out and that is to talk to us about this exciting technology.

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    Behavior analysis

    We made software for recognizing behavior. This is based on machine learning and computer vision. Intra can be trained to recognize various forms of behavior such as suspicious behavior, but other forms of remarkable behavior. This is useful for security, care and research applications.

    Prijs Optimalisatie

    Price optimization

    Object detection

    Object detection

    We often use object detection in combination with machine learning. We have done a number of projects with this, such as at the Defense department and recently we created an application for an industrial company in the poultry sector that wanted to automatically count eggs that pass by on a conveyor belt.