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Behavior recognition

Behavioral recognition

Intra is machine learning software for image and behavior recognition. We have created a product that can make the world a bit safer or more efficient.

If security organizations use Intra, they can do more work with the same people. This can, among other things, reduce work of the control room employees and make the work much more interesting. Now they can focus on the fun work and see the actual images they need.

There are a lot more applications for Intra, some of them are described below. We have applied Intra to industrial processes and healthcare and has great potential in agriculture and logistics.

Image and behavior software

Why choosing a platform ?

Intra is a platform for Computer Vision. What are the benefits of that? If you want to create a new image recognition application, there is a lot of programming to do before the real work can begin, which is training the model. Models are almost always needed to be trained, because what needs to be recognized is often very specific. Either the product is unique, or the behavior or situation you want to assess is still unique. But even if the model is available, you need to be able to run it, Intra can do that too.

With existing frameworks such as OpenCV and Tensorflow, you no longer have to write the complex algorithms yourself in most cases. But you cannot simply apply those algorithms easily. A lot of work still has to be done. From basic tasks such as annotating images, saving images and gaining insight and the ability to take action. Nor can you give meaning to fixed objects yourself, which, for example, are dangerous or have a different function such as lines on the road that indicate that you must stay within.

In the app and web world, so-called “low code” platforms have been created that solve the same problem. Which is being able to quickly create applications without having to program much and sometimes even nothing. That’s what Intra does for image recognition. That not only makes it easy, but also more stable because programmers usually don’t get it right the first time, ours doesn’t always do it either, but those mistakes gradually disappear since they will be noticed. This is usually not due to the quality of the programmer or the process to deliver good software, but just as much to the fact that not everything can be foreseen.

Finally, Intra continues to expand with reusable parts, such as controlling robots or conveyor belts, integrating with, for example, customer information or existing monitoring systems. So if you want to keep your focus on achieving your goals as quickly as possible, the benefits of a platform are huge.

Public safety

Intra is also very interesting in the public domain. Police can get an ever-attentive, never-tired “colleague” who can keep an eye on hundreds of places at the same time. Intra wil sound an alarm when violence or suspicious behavior occurs. But Intra is also very suitable for counterterrorism and defense applications.

Machine learning

We analyze images and behavior using advanced machine learning technology. You can see and read what is being filmed on the dashboard. Intra is an intelligent assistant: he views and analyzes video images without getting tired, without pausing and can keep an eye on dozens of cameras at the same time.

When a certain threat level is reached, a notification will be given to the control room and the video will be displayed in the dashboard. If a situation is very dangerous, a patrol squad can be sent to the location immediately.

Intra can also be used to detect false reports more quickly. That saves time that can be better spent, so that security people can focus on the really important things.

A computer never gets tired and can easily analyze several cameras at the same time. A person can lose concentration and makes mistakes as a result, but with the help of Intra this will be minimized.


You can see what is happening in real time on the dashboard. In suspicious situations, the danger level should be sent to the police immediately is examined. The scalability of the product makes it possible to view multiple cameras at once.

Intra can be used for  the security sector, police, airports, events and municipalities. Various ministries have also already bought this product.

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Theft recognition

At the request of the Dutch television program “Klaas, Alles” at NPO3, we trained Intra in 2018 so that he could recognize theft. We got very little time from the producers to train and also very little footage. Nevertheless, Intra managed to catch all “thieves”.

Artificial Intelligence on TV

Regulation compliance

Intra can also be used to check whether regulations are in compliance. For example, we have made a version of Intra for the Dutch government which monitors compliance with the corona measures.

Intral Health Product overview

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